On May 11th,  we celebrated WNC’s 30th Anniversary during our monthly luncheon.  We asked members to write a paragraph about what WNC means to them, and to submit it for a WNC contest, with winners and prizes.  All the entries were so moving and proved once again, that WNC is so important in the lives of so many.  We are proud to present the winners of the contest below.  We thank all those who took the time to write.  The stories may bring a tear to your eye and tug on your heartstrings.

First Place Winner - Dee O.

"What WNC means to me"


Happy 30th birthday, WNC.  I had no luck finding the right Hallmark card, so let’s just reminisce about our 20-year friendship.  I joined to find friends & you gifted me with years of them…those I met at a luncheon or an activity….friends that became like family through the years. I enjoyed those Sunshine Corner cards that let me know WNC was always at my back.  How thankful I am that I took that first step; it brought you into my life and into my heart. One certainty I know – you & I have become “one”!  Continue with what your purpose has always been – welcoming those who are new in town, those who lost a spouse, those who retired and are bored, those who just need friends in their lives.  You are so darn good at it all!!!

Second Place Winner - Ginny M.

"What WNC means to me”


Little in life offers more joy than one’s friendships. In WNC, there is a world of friendship and fun Vegas activities.  Having moved here not knowing anyone, I thought it would be a challenge to meet like-minded gals. Over the years, female friendships have provided such a strong support system—I missed that!

…. enter, WNC….

Members have many things in common, to enjoy our city and find new & meaningful relationships. Whether to attend the monthly meeting or to sign up for various activities—there is something for everyone, to offer and receive friendships.

Thank you to those who created WNC 30 years ago… what a blessing it’s been!

Third Place Winner - Mary Helen R.

"The value of friendships made since joining WNC"


WNC may mean more to me than to most. WNC brought me a special joy at a unique time of my life. I was newly retired and newly transplanted to Vegas. That's not so unique. But the only person living in Vegas that I knew was my husband. Then, in a matter of months, I became a widow. So not to tug at anyone's heartstrings, but WNC has given me treasured, lasting friendships. And through WNC, I was able to get to know Vegas---my new home town. Thank you, WNC, for helping me adjust to an unsettling time of my life.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you do not see the staircase.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.

My husband and I had lived in Las Vegas three weeks when I attended a WNC new member coffee.  We knew no one here and that first WNC meeting was so  hard for me, as I was a very shy and quiet person.  I walked out of the meeting in tears and called my husband and said, “I cannot do this.”  Luckily for me, I found the strength to go back into that meeting even though I did “not see the staircase.”  After that first meeting, about 20 women went to lunch.  In those days, everyone was invited to lunch and I was included.  From that day on, WNC became the focus of my life in Las Vegas.  I met so many people, made so many friends, chaired several activities, was VP of Programs, and served as WNC President in 2007.   


WNC changed my life—all for the better.  I am just a shadow of that shy girl at that first WNC meeting.  I communicate with “newbies” all the time,  hopefully making them feel comfortable, accepted, and excited about joining WNC.  I can do this because I know personally how hard it is to be new at anything.   Members continually and amazingly do small things with great love.  Everyone can feel it. That’s why WNC is so important to so many of us and why so many of us have been changed for the better by being members of the club.  Audrey Z.

I joined WNC in February of 2012 thanks to my dear friend, Harriet, who was my "Welcome Wagon" lady here in Sun City Summerlin and a WNC member.  Harriet said, “I am going to take you to a Ladies Luncheon in February and you will need to provide two checks.”  I responded, “Why do I need to provide two checks?”  Then Harriet replied, “One for your registration and one for the luncheon.”  I said, “But how do I know I will like these ladies?”  Harriet told me, “Trust me, you WILL like these ladies!”  And the rest is history!


Patricia A.

I joined Westside Newcomers Club (WNC) in 2004. I was new to Las Vegas and had just moved into our new home in Sun City Aliante. One of my friends suggested we go to a WNC New Member Coffee and 16 years later the rest is history. Our community center had not been built and after living on the road full time RV’ing for three years I was desperate for girlfriends. I found life-long friends at WNC. I became very active in the club and chaired numerous activities, and I have served on the executive board two times. So, if you are looking for that new BFF and have had a life changing event or just want to make new friends then WNC is the place for you.


 Linda E.

I moved to Las Vegas in June of 2005 after 35 years of teaching and a recent divorce. That's right; retirement, divorce, and relocation in one shot. I knew NO ONE in Las Vegas! I started to shop book clubs at local libraries and found WNC at the Rainbow Library. What a find! Suddenly, I was bowling, playing bridge, and cooking for groups. It was just the best thing that could have happened to me. Every one of my dear friends is the product of this club. I even have friends who have moved here from Chicago and have joined WNC! 

Ellen W.

I remember the day my husband broke the news to me that we were moving to Las Vegas.  We had been living in various parts of California for 28 years and I had friends all over the state.  I couldn’t leave everyone behind.  But we did move!!  It started out O.K. for a while because a new house kept me busy.  But when that was done, I realized how very, very lonely I was with my husband at work all day and my new status of “retired”.  But I met someone while we walked our dogs at a local park and she encouraged me to attend a WNC New Member Coffee.   I cannot believe how much that decision changed my life.  In a relatively short time, I was meeting more and more delightful ladies that seemed to always reach out to me.  I went to a monthly luncheon with a great program and I found myself trying one Activity after the other.  Being lonely soon became a thing of the past. When I wrote letters to my California friends, I found myself rambling on about how busy I was.  As a member, I decided to jump right in and became the Newsletter Editor, then the Treasurer and down the line…….it’s President.  When I look back at my twenty years of membership I can’t help but wonder what my life would have been had I not joined WNC.  Now, I think I have as many Vegas friends as I did in all my years in California. And to think that all it took was taking that first step!   Dee O.