I joined Westside Newcomers Club (WNC) in 2004. I was new to Las Vegas and had just moved into our new home in Sun City Aliante. One of my friends suggested we go to a WNC New Member Coffee and 16 years later the rest is history. Our community center had not been built and after living on the road full time RV’ing for three years I was desperate for girlfriends. I found life-long friends at WNC. I became very active in the club and chaired numerous activities, and I have served on the executive board two times. So, if you are looking for that new BFF and have had a life changing event or just want to make new friends then WNC is the place for you.  Linda E.

I joined WNC in February of 2012 thanks to my dear friend, Harriet, who was my "Welcome Wagon" lady here in Sun City Summerlin and a WNC member.  Harriet said, “I am going to take you to a Ladies Luncheon in February and you will need to provide two checks.”  I responded, “Why do I need to provide two checks?”  Then Harriet replied, “One for your registration and one for the luncheon.”  I said, “But how do I know I will like these ladies?”  Harriet told me, “Trust me, you WILL like these ladies!”  And the rest is history!


Patricia A.

I moved to Las Vegas in June of 2005 after 35 years of teaching and a recent divorce. That's right; retirement, divorce, and relocation in one shot. I knew NO ONE in Las Vegas! I started to shop book clubs at local libraries and found WNC at the Rainbow Library. What a find! Suddenly, I was bowling, playing bridge, and cooking for groups. It was just the best thing that could have happened to me. Every one of my dear friends is the product of this club. I even have friends who have moved here from Chicago and have joined WNC!  Ellen W.