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President's Welcome

Marice Bronstein
WNC President 

Welcome to the Westside Newcomers Club!  Whether you are new to the city or a longtime resident, we welcome all women to join us in friendship and fun.


In 1992 four amazing women who were new to the Las Vegas area established this club as a way to help other women find friendship and acclimate to their new communities.  


Westside Newcomers Club (WNC) incorporated in 2001 and was chartered as a non-profit 501(c)(7) social organization. “Westside” was originally chosen because the club  began on the "west side" but for years welcomes women from all over the Las Vegas valley, including Henderson and North Las Vegas residents.


We have celebrated our 30th anniversary in providing a social club for all women in the Las Vegas area to meet people, establish new friendships and become instantly involved in activities of their choice.

WNC has evolved in how we connect and support our members, but our focus on member connection never waivers.   Our leadership team and activity chairs are all volunteers, leaders with a huge commitment to our members and their interests. 


Today WNC has more than 20 activities, that represent the interests of our members.  What do you like? 

  • Activities like hiking, bowling, or golf? 

  • Knitting, crafting or cards? 

  • Attending entertainment venues and restaurants of Las Vegas?

  • Day trips or book club?

  • And so much more!


We are a diverse group of women from all geographic areas, careers, interests, talents, and ethnic backgrounds and our activities continually evolve with the interests of our members. 


On the second Wednesday of each month, we have a General Meeting and Luncheon (in accordance with the CDC guidelines).  The luncheons are held throughout the valley including country clubs, casino banquet rooms, and restaurants, and include a program with speakers, authors or entertainers. 


Our annual membership is $45 and includes a monthly newsletter with a calendar of all activities and a team to help you get started.  Every month, your newsletter will include many opportunities to connect and activities to enjoy; you will find yourself sharing conversations with others who have common interests and begin to establish the friendships that are the foundation of WNC.

Join now (click here JOIN WNC, or the JOIN WNC tab, or join us for a New Member Coffee – on the first Wednesday of every month (except December)).  Either way, we will reach out and help you get connected.  You’ll meet women that you will soon count as friends and learn all about our activities from our chairs/co-chairs. 


​We look forward to meeting and sharing great experiences with you!

Marice Bronstein,

2024 WNC President

WNC Executive Committee 2024-2025

Lori Silverstein.jpg

Lori Silverstein

VP Luncheons

Marice Bronstein


Ellen Ward.png
Kate Ksobiech.jpg

Kate Ksobiech

VP Programs

Bonnie Houldsworth.jpg

Ellen Ward

VP Membership

Bonnie Houldsworth


Kim Fink.jpg

Kim Fink


History & Archives

Westside Newcomers Club was founded in 1992 by four women who -- like you -- were new to the Las Vegas area and found it difficult to acclimate to their new communities without the support of the friends left behind upon relocating. Starting with just 24 members, the Club grew to more than 1000 by its 10th anniversary in 2002. WNC incorporated in 2001 and was chartered as a non-profit 501(c)(7) social organization. The club name was chosen because it began on the "west side" but now welcomes women from all over the Las Vegas area, including Henderson and North Las Vegas residents.


Throughout the years, WNC has kept pace with the times by upgrading bylaws, creating a computerized membership database, digitalizing records, providing electronic delivery of the monthly newsletter, acquiring insurance, and continually adding new and diverse activity groups to support our membership's interests. 


As WNC approached its 30th anniversary in 2022, we pledged to continue to add to our rich history of providing friendship, encouragement and a wide variety of activities to women throughout the Las Vegas valley. Let us be one of the first to welcome you to your new home and your new life! 


WNC Milestones - View at this LINK

WNC Past Presidents - View at this LINK

Pam Graven
Co-Founder & First President (1992-93)
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