Rosie Mick

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Rosie Mick

3rd  VP - Programs (2006-2007)


I looked forward to moving to Las Vegas with great anticipation as it meant I got to retire early and join my husband, who had been living single while I completed my last year of work in Oakland, California.  My first several months here were busy and exciting ones: buying stuff to fill up my big new house (and do a thorough cleaning after a year of my "bachelor" husband's idea of cleaning), maintaining the desert landscaping he had done in my absence, and driving around the Valley to learn the lay of the land.  However, once I'd done all those things, I looked around and said to myself "Now what"?


So, I decided to scratch off one of the items on my "things I want to do in this life" list, which was to be in the movies.  I registered myself with a local talent agency and almost immediately got work as an extra on the movie "Lucky You" and later on "Rocky Balboa" (and, no, no one has seen me in any of the movies and TV series I've done since, because I always end up on the cutting room floor...).  On the "Rocky" set, I met a sweet lady name Chona who told me about a great women's club for newcomers to Las Vegas that called itself "The Westside Newcomers Club".  She invited me to a members' coffee and when I perused all the activities offered by the club, I decided to join.


It has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.  Not only have I met terrific women, who come from literally everywhere, with many interests (everything from reading to hiking to scrabble to movie going to gourmet cooking), the WNC has also helped me overcome a fear I have had my entire life, and that is speaking in public.  Las year I accepted the position of WNC's Vice President of Programs.  The Programs VP arranges for a speaker for the monthly luncheons, and at each luncheon is responsible for introducing the speaker.  That means a podium, a mic, standing up in front of 60-200 women and talking!  Could I do it?  Who knew?  Well, it's been a great year for me, because not only did I prove to myself that I can do it, I'm actually enjoying it - without the WNC, this is one item on my "to do" list I would never have checked off!


So, give us a try - you'll be glad you did.