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Cynthia Galante

My husband and I retired and moved from Detroit, Michigan to Las Vegas.  Our friends of over forty years, Ron and Julie Benigo, were living here already. 


As a member of WNC, Julie paid my dues as a "welcome" gift.  It just so happened that the holiday luncheon at the Stratosphere fell right on my birthday in the year 2000 and she treated me to that as well. There I sat, on my birthday, surrounded by all my new WNC friends and right then and there began creating memories in my new city and home.


Throughout my years in WNC, I have enjoyed the luncheons, particularly the fashions shows and Bunco.


Through the years I have acquired a number of new friends because of WNC.



Dee Oden

A company my husband had previously worked for was purchased and the head office was moved to Las Vegas.  He was asked to return to the company and accepted.  I was devastated!  I had many dear friends in California and I didn't want to leave and they didn't make it easy for me.  My friends cried and I cried but I tried to convince myself that this would be an adventure.  I filled my days with unpacking and turning our new home into "us".  But after that was done, I asked myself "what now"?  I was so lonely and the flood of tears returned - daily!  Then I heard about WNC and joined, but I had no idea to what degree that decision would affect my life.  I tried many different activities until I found the ones that interested me the most and I was off and running.  Now, I have more friends than I could have dreamed of in California.  I actually received 40+ birthday cards last year, almost everyone from a WNC friend.  The only tears I shed now are tears of joy over good times, friendships and great memories.  I wish you the same.